Kory Geller, an optimistic and talented actor, dancer, singer, choreographer and teacher, was born and raised in Yardley, Pennsylvania. He began dancing around the house at a young age and could never be stopped. After seeing Footloose on Broadway, he was inspired and immediately started formal training. 

After working at numerous companies and theater’s, such as the Spirit In Motion Ballet Theatre, Princeton Ballet School, American Ballet Theatre, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Luigi Jazz Centre, and Broadway Theatre Project, he attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, graduating with a B.F.A. in Drama.

Since graduating, Kory has been a choreographer of many projects, from stage to film. In his work, he likes to use movement as a true way of storytelling. Through this, he aims to create work that is both relatable and moving for the audience. When he is not creating art through dance, he is performing and singing on stages all over the country. Kory loves to perform and has found both employment and fulfillment in the worlds of theatre and dance.